Race Rooms

Tick Tock Ribbon Icons

Most escape rooms are built for teams of 8-10 people. But what if your group is bigger than that? Instead of having half of your friends wait in the lobby…we had this crazy idea:


At Tick Tock, large groups & corporate teams can compete head-to-head in real-time. The first one out wins. You’re not just racing the clock, you’re racing each other.


Beasley Billions vs Beasley Billions 10 to 16 players

Pyramid Paradox vs Pyramid Paradox: 10 to 16 players

Central Intelligence vs Cyber Strike*: 12 to 20 players

*Central Intelligence & Cyber Strike are not Identical rooms. However, they are thematically linked. This means your two groups will not be playing in identical rooms. But the next time you come you can play this race again and switch the room each team plays!