Why play an Escape Room for your birthday?

Are you concerned that your kids have become quarantine zombies? At Tick Tock Escape Rooms, we have the cure for mindless entertainment!

To trade binge watching for puzzle solving, Book Your Party Now. 

These days it can be difficult to find a way to celebrate that is both exciting and safe. Our escape rooms offer the perfect combination of the two.  Bring your friends and family to Tick Tock Escape Rooms and you’ll find exciting adventures filled with secret agents, eccentric billionaires, space travel and ancient Egyptian mysteries.  Most importantly each of these adventures will take place in a room that has been deep cleaned and sanitized. You will only come into contact with our staff and your invited guests.

Three Steps to a Birthday Adventure

Booking a Tick Tock Party is easy, just follow our simple plan:

  1. Book an adventure by selecting a date & time and the game rooms you want to play.
  2. Show up 30 minutes before your adventure for sign-in and a video intro to the games.
  3. Then see if your team has what it takes to win your real-life adventure.


Still need more info? Check below for a party FAQ or give us a call at (913) 396-9144.


Any of the four themes can be set to a simplified difficulty, so you can be confident choosing any room that seems exciting. But if you want our specific recommendation then Central Intelligence would be our 1st pick.

Central Intelligence would be our first pick for new payers. It has the option for simplification like all our games. But more importantly, is has a flexible flow that will allow players to keep progressing multiple puzzles, so they won’t waste time on dead ends or useless tasks.

You can simply book the number of players you know will be attending now. Any additional player can be added later by phone or on the day when you arrive. Note: If you intend to do a race, you will need to book it as a race, which will require a minimum of 6 players.  

You can mix and match rooms to accommodate any size party.

Space Force 2- 6 players

Beasley’s Billions 2 – 8 players

Pyramid Paradox 2 – 8 players

Central Intelligence 2 – 10 players

A typical race is from 9 to 16 players, but we can work out other options if you call ahead. 

A minimum $99.00 to book the room. This covers the first 3 players. Any additional players cost $32.00 per person. 

Yes!  When booking your room on the Tickets page, click on “Filters” and select “Party Room / Event Space” from the drop down. Your space will be reserved for 90 minutes. Please make sure you select a time that allows you to setup and allows the players to move directly to the party area an hour after their game begins.

Yes. They can be stored in the room. Or, if extra space is needed then we can store them in the office during the game. 

Not for kids over 10. If a parent is going to be in the room, they will need to purchase a ticket. 

Not typically. Depending on availability, we may be able to set up a monitor to view the kids. But this is dependent on a lot of factors. We can’t guarantee this until you arrive. If this is something you want, ask your game master when you arrive.  

Two identical escape rooms, with the same theme, layout and puzzles allow your group to spilt up into two teams and race to see who can solve their room full of brain teasing surprises.  Will your team pull together to reign supreme?