Quick Room Descriptions:

Cyber Strike is our newest game. Designed with team building in mind, nearly every puzzle requires teamwork and cooperation to overcome. Players will need to practice clear communication skills as they relay information from one location to players in another place. When evil hackers have turned technology against you, the only thing you can trust is the people on your team.  Click here for more information on Cyber Strike 

This room is ideal for players new to escape rooms and/or kids.

It’s not easy to save the world but if you like spies, espionage and secret missions then this the game for you.  For more information see our page for Central Intelligence.

Pyramid Paradox is a mysterious ancient tomb of a long lost pharaoh. If you have what it takes to brave the dark and unlock the secret hidden in the deep then this is for you. This is our most popular room and we regularly hear “it’s the best game I’ve ever played” come and see what everyone is talking about. It can accommodate up to 8 players, or 16 with a dual-room race.  See more information: Pyramid Paradox.

Beasley’s Billions is a quintessential classic escape room featuring secret compartments and hidden objects, you never know what you’ll find next.  This game can accommodate up to 8 players, or 16 with a dual-room race.  Find more about about this game: Beasley’s Billions.

Space Force is a high flying adventure game with a digital video game twist. You’ll be tasked with repairing a damaged spaceship, before life-support runs out. But be careful not everything in space is friendly. This is Ideal for smaller groups up to 6 participants. More on Space Force

Dual Room Races are our signature events. These allow your party to split into two teams and be placed into two separate rooms. Each team will attempt to solve the puzzles in their room before the time runs out, and more importantly before the other team completes their room. The Dual Room Race option is currently available for Pyramid Paradox and Beasley’s Billions. A race is able to accommodate up to 16 players. Check on Race availability for your desired date & time by setting the filter category below to RACE Rooms.

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