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It’s hard to find activities that are appropriate for all ages, so we strive to keep our games good for the whole community.  

Plan a fun, wholesome, adventure for your next church event.

Looking for something different for your next church community event?  Our escape rooms are fun for the whole family. From small groups of 4 or 5 players up to church events with 60 or more people, we can do it all.

Great for events like

 Guys night  –   Ladies night  – Youth groups  –  Family game night  –  Mom’s night out  –  Leadership staff rewards.  –  Small groups/Life group 

Nothing but good clean fun.

We avoid horror and suggestive themes in our games. We believe you can design a game that adults will love without including things that are inappropriate for small kids. So we don’t put any age restrictions on our games. We recommend kids be 10 and up to fully participate in the puzzle solving. But kids of any age are welcome to join in the fun. And if they are under 8 then they get in free.

Following these steps to plan your Church Adventure:

  • Step 1: Identify the size of your group.
  • Step 2: Consider the options for your event.
  • Step 3: Choose your escape room theme(s).

Step 1: Identify the size of your team.

For groups up to 10 players the best option is to book a single room. Our rooms range in size with the smallest fitting 6 players and the largest accommodating 10 players. To choose the room that is right for your team read the room descriptions in step 3.

These can be booked online here.

For groups ranging from 8 to 16 players our race rooms are the ideal option.

The Dual Room Races is our signature team adventure. These allow your players to split into two teams and be placed into two separate rooms. Each team will attempt to solve the puzzles in their room before the time runs out, and more importantly before the other team completes their room. The Dual Room Race option is currently available for Pyramid Paradox and Beasley’s Billions. A race is able to accommodate up to 16 players.

Dual Room Races can be booked here by changing the Filter Category to “Race Rooms”.

We can accommodate up to 58 players at the same time, but for larger groups you can rent our event space (party room) and set up a refreshment area so teams can stagger their games.

Larger groups  typically book via phone or email. We will want to schedule a time to talk to you about your group’s needs and how we can best build a successful event for your team.   To schedule a call click here: Let’s Talk

We offer a 15% discount on events Monday – Thursday for Large groups that require 3 or more rooms.

Step 2: Consider the options for your event.

Different ways to play

  • Single Escape Room (choose any theme appropriate for you team size)
  • Dual Room Races (two identical rooms start at the same time up to 16 players)
  • Asymmetric Races (choose 2 or more rooms of any theme & start them at the same time)
  • Back To back escape rooms (play multiple rooms back to back or spread throughout the day)
  • Two Part Story Rooms (two escape rooms played back to back with a shared story.)
Want to make a day of your event?

Consider doing several rooms in one day and utilizing the event space between games for refreshments, conference meetings, and other activities.

Reserve the Event space (optional)

We have an event space for you to host your refreshments, have a meal catered, or other group activities. 

The room can be reserved for before, after, and during your escape rooms.

The base price is $75.00 for a 90 minute block reservation including setup and tear down. However, this price can vary based on the scale of your team building event.
We provide tables and chairs. We can set up a tv/monitor upon request. (we do not provide food or drink)

Book the Event Space by clicking here.

  • The room is 600 square feet
  • The room has a maximum capacity of 44 extra people (who are not actively playing in an escape room).
  • We have 34 chairs available.
  • We have 8 four-foot tables available.
  • We have a half kitchen available for use. Includes a refrigerator / freezer, microwave, & sink. 
  • We provide plastic table cloths for each table. 
  • We have a cart to help run food and refreshments from the parking lot to the room.
  • The reservation is for a 90 minute period, and we do require you to be out of the room by the end of that time as other guests may have reserved the space immediately following your reservation.
  • You are allowed to reserve the room for longer by booking consecutive 90 minute blocks. 
  • We do not provide food or drinks, plates or utensils. But you are welcome to bring it in and use our refrigerator/freezer. 
  • You may reserve the Event Space below or on our Tickets page, just set the filter category to  Party Room / Event Space.
Step 3: Choose Your Escape Room Theme(s)

We have 5 wildly different escape room themes for you to choose.  Some themes are available in more than one room so larger parties can race each other  playing the same game.  Click below for a description of each room:

Cyber Strike is our newest game. Designed with team building in mind, nearly every puzzle requires teamwork and cooperation to overcome. Players will need to practice clear communication skills as they relay information from one location to players in another place.

When evil hackers have turned technology against you, the only thing you can trust is the people on your team. 

Click here for more information on Cyber Strike 

Central Intelligence is our most popular option for new players. This room allows you to see how your team will overcome unforeseen obstacles, with unexpected deadlines. In this room you never know what will happen next. It’s not easy to save the world but if you like spies, espionage and secret missions then this is the game for you. Able to accommodate up to 10 players. For more information see our page for Central Intelligence.
Pyramid Paradox is a mysterious ancient tomb of a long lost pharaoh. If you have what it takes to brave the dark and unlock the secret hidden in the deep then this is for you. Designed with a focus on multitasking and cooperation your team will always need to explore more than one puzzle at a time or fall behind the clock. This is our most popular room and we regularly hear “it’s the best game I’ve ever played” come and see what everyone is talking about. Able to accommodate up to 8 players in a single room, or 16 players as part of a Dual room race.   See more information: Pyramid Paradox.
Beasley’s Billions is a quintessential classic escape room featuring secret compartments and hidden objects. Designed with a focus on lateral thinking and careful observation of your surroundings, you never know what you’ll find next. Able to accommodate up to 8 players in a single room, or 16 players as part of a Dual room race.   Find more about about this game: Beasley’s Billions.
Space Force is a high flying adventure game with a digital video game twist. You’ll be tasked with repairing a damaged spaceship, before life-support runs out. But be careful not everything in space is friendly. As your team operates the space ship they will need to carefully communicate what they are doing and work with precision timing during hectic space flight simulations. Ideal for smaller groups up to 6 participants.  More on Space Force
Dual Room Races are our signature events. These allow your party to split into two teams and be placed into two separate rooms. Each team will attempt to solve the puzzles in their room before the time runs out, and more importantly before the other team completes their room. The Dual Room Race option is currently available for Pyramid Paradox and Beasley’s Billions. A race is able to accommodate up to 16 players. Check on Race availability for your desired date & time: Race Rooms
Final Step:  Bring your “A” game!

Prior to arriving each participant should fill out an online waiver. The waiver will be emailed to you when you book the escape room. You can then forward the waiver to the  participants.  They can complete the waiver easily online.

You will want to show up at least 15 minutes before the start of your escape room.

  • Each escape room has a 60 minute time limit to complete your goals and escape. 
  • For multi room races we will start all the rooms at roughly the same time.
  • If a team is close to completing the game when the timer stops, we may allow 15 minutes of overtime  to see the room through to the end.  
  • We have two single-stall restrooms. So you will want to allow more time prior to the game for larger groups.

Have Questions?  See our FAQs Below, or schedule a Call with the Staff.

Book Your Group Event Here:


Any of the four themes can be set to a simplified difficulty, so you can be confident choosing any room that seems exciting. But if you want our specific recommendation then Central Intelligence would be our 1st pick.

Central Intelligence would be our first pick for new payers. It has the option for simplification like all our games. But more importantly, is has a flexible flow that will allow players to keep progressing multiple puzzles, so they won’t waste time on dead ends or useless tasks.

Two identical escape rooms, with the same theme, layout and puzzles allow your group to spilt up into two teams and race to see who can solve their room full of brain teasing surprises.  Will your team pull together to reign supreme?

Yes. Our website list all available dates and times for regular events, however if you wish to book a larger Teambuilding even give us a call and we will work out a date and time that meets your specific needs.  

Yes. We have six rooms that can run simultaneously. That allows for 48 players at once. If you have more than that we can create a staggered scheduled to allow for any number of players. 

The standard price is $36 per player, but for large groups we can work out a volume discount.   You may also rent 90 minute blocks in our party / event space room for $75 per block.

Yes, for groups larger than 24 people we can work out a volume discount.  We can work out these details if you give us a call.  

6-10 per room (depending on the theme) total capacity is 58 simultaneous players (across 7 rooms) but we can accommodate more players with a staggered game schedule.

You can simply book the number of players you know will be attending now. Any additional player can be added later by phone or on the day when you arrive. Note: If you intend to do a race, you will need to book it as a race, which will require a minimum of 8 players.  

Not if the kids are over 12