Tick Tock



A 60-minute puzzle room mystery for up to 6 players.

We’ve received an urgent distress call from the USS Artemis. They’re under attack and life support is failing! You must navigate the perils of space, deal with hostile threats, and avert certain disaster.

In Space there are no keys and no combination locks.

A Unique Digital Hybrid:

This state-of-the-art digital escape room has all the puzzle solving fun of a traditional escape room experience. But it is enhanced with a hybrid video game control system that let’s you pilot the ‘shuttle’ in virtual outer space.

The Details:

Capacity of up to 6 players per game.

Difficulty Levels:

Normal: 25 – 30% escape rate.

Hard: 15 – 20% escape rate.

This room relies on using color to solve most of the puzzles and is not recommended for someone who is colorblind.