Party Room

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  1. Select the Date & time for your booking
  2. Enter the approximate number of occupants for the event. 
  3. Let us know how the event space relates to the timing of the Escape room you’ve booked. 
  4. Fill in your details and finish the reservation.

Basic Information

The base price is $50.00 for a 90 minute block reservation including setup and tear down. However, you can book back to back 90 minute blocks for additional time.

We provide tables and chairs. We can set up a tv/monitor upon request. (we do not provide food or drink)

The Event space can be reserved for before, after, and during your escape rooms.

  • The room is 600 square feet
  • A single reservation is for a 90 minute period, You can reserve the room for longer by booking consecutive 90 minute blocks. (as separate transactions) 
  • The room has a maximum capacity of 44 extra people (who are not actively playing in an escape room).
  • Available on request 34 chairs, 8 four-foot tables, & plastic table cloths for each table. 
  • We do not provide food or drinks, plates or utensils. But you are welcome to bring it in and use our refrigerator/freezer. 
  • A half kitchen is available for use. Includes a refrigerator / freezer, microwave, & sink. 
  • You can use our cart to help run food and refreshments from the parking lot to the Party room.
  • Your group must be out of the room by the end of the reserved time, as other guests may have reserved the space immediately following your reservation.
  • You may reserve the Event Space below or on our Tickets page, just set the filter category to  Party Room / Event Space.