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Build Comradery With Your Team in an Exciting Environment!

Have a blast in one of our escape rooms perfect for teams large and small and fun for everyone!

Benefits of hosting your team bonding event at Tick Tock.

Our rooms are suitable for everyone on your team. Unsure of how many people will come? Just book for the minimum number of people required to reserve the room.  You can add additional people on the day of your event. Your team is sure to enjoy our fun and exciting rooms.

Make your event a PARTY!

To add to the fun, you can reserve our event space where you can cater food and have a Karaoke party!

Or after your escape room head to one of the nearby restaurants to continue the celebration.

If your team is 4 – 10 people click below to book your team bonding experience. 

If your team is 10 – 20 people click below to book your team bonding experience. 

For groups larger than 20 people give us a call at  913-396-9144 and we would love to assist you in booking your team bonding event.  


Two identical escape rooms, with the same theme, layout and puzzles allow your group to spilt up into two teams and race to see who can solve their room full of brain teasing surprises.  Will your team pull together to reign supreme?

Yes. Our website list all available dates and times for regular events, however if you wish to book a larger Teambuilding even give us a call and we will work out a date and time that meets your specific needs.  

Yes. We have six rooms that can run simultaneously. That allows for 48 players at once. If you have more than that we can create a staggered scheduled to allow for any number of players. 

The standard price is $36 per player, but for large groups we can work out a volume discount.   You may also rent 90 minute blocks in our party / event space room for $75 per block.

Yes, for groups larger than 24 people we can work out a volume discount.  We can work out these details if you give us a call.  

6-10 per room (depending on the theme) total capacity is 58 simultaneous players (across 7 rooms) but we can accommodate more players with a staggered game schedule.