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What Your Escape Room Tactics Say About Your Personality

The Leader—We love to hate on them, but the bossy ones are the ones who unite the team and take charge. They have no issue designating tasks to different people, and they’re the first ones to congratulate you when you finally crack the riddle you’ve been stumped on. They are naturally confident people, and can’t stand to sit around doing nothing as the clock ticks down.

The Problem Solver/Thinker—This person is the know-it-all who really does know their stuff. They’re normally very patient (with the task at hand, not with other people’s stupidity) and they have a clear eye to look past non-essential information. Image Hermione from Harry Potter. If you’ve always admired her dedication to academics and ability to prioritize, you’re most likely a thinker. While they might have a bit of an ego, these people get the dirty work done.

Tick Tock Escape Room

The Inquisitive Mind—They’re the ones trying to pull the frame off the wall, tear apart the chair cushion, and generally destroy everything. Maybe they had too much red food coloring as a kid, or maybe they just have a lot of pent up frustration from the office drama. Who knows? These people would rather find things hidden around the room than solve the riddles or figure out the locks. They never fail to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaahh’ over the discovery of a trap door. These curious souls are normally always down for a good adventure, and they’re necessary assets if you want to escape.

The Repeater—we all know that one person in our group. The one who insists a random smudge on the wall must be part of the game, and continuously brings up said smudge every time you get stuck on a clue. They mean well, but we all know that their hunch is totally off. These types of people are normally the stubborn ones. We keep them around though, because one day, that crazy conspiracy theory might actually be right.



And, of course, there’s always the complete goof-off who spends 99% of the time giggling in the corner. They’re essentially useless, but we love them anyway.

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