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Ingredients for Unique Escape Rooms

Quality. It’s the most important goal we strive for in our games.  But it’s difficult to quantify, because it’s not just about getting one thing right. It’s about doing a number of things well to give you an overall great experience in our unique escape rooms. But you don’t have to take our word for it, see what our customers say on our reviews page.

We differentiate ourselves from the Kansas City competition by incorporating these key components:

Well thought-out games.  When you finish our game, we want you to feel that the game had a logical flow and made sense.  We try not to introduce a number of random clues that are completely unrelated to the theme of the game.  Instead, we strive to make our clues a logical part of the game flow.

Well themed rooms (that we don’t hide).  We do our best to make our rooms match the theme of the game.  The pictures on our website show it best.  We could have hid these pictures to enhance the mystery of the game, but why?  We’re not giving any puzzle clues away, and we want you to have a glimpse of the quality we strive to deliver at Tick Tock. You should know what you’re paying for!

Integrated technology.  We love to add tech elements to our games, because we think it makes the game more interactive and fun.  But again, the technology has to make sense.  We don’t introduce random tech just for the sake of differentiating ourselves from the competition. We want to make you ooh and ahh, not scratch your head trying to figure out how things work.

Ingredients for Unique Escape Rooms

Music.  Some of our games feature music – sometimes to help set the mood and other times as actual clues.  We think the music adds a little something to the experience and helps keep the game flowing.

Customer Service.  At Tick Tock, we strive to give you a complete experience you will remember fondly for quite some time.  But we’re not perfect, and when we mess up, we will do everything possible to make it right.  That’s where our customer service kicks in.  If we were to have an issue with your game, our staff has been trained to do what it takes to “make it right”.  If you are still not satisfied, the owner’s business card is located on the front desk, and you are invited to contact him.  He will be happy to discuss the situation with you and try to work out a way to make it right.

We know you have a choice with your entertainment dollar, and that’s why we go the extra mile to try and deliver a truly unique and fabulous experience.  If our games sound fun for your family or group, then why wait?  

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