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6 Elements that Make a Great Escape Room

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Here at Tick Tock Escape Room, we have a vision for what makes a great escape room experience.  Our vision may not be the same as what you see in other escape rooms around the country, but when people play our games and leave having had an exhilarating experience, with smiles on their faces, we know we’re on the right track.  Here are our top 6 criteria for what makes a great escape room!

6 Elements of a Great Escape Room


Most escape rooms have a theme or plot, and the theme is communicated through the decor. An escape room should thus be lavishly decorated and painstakingly detailed. Every piece of furniture or art, every book, every tchotchke should fit into the world of the escape room. The player should feel that every single object could be a clue. In a way, dressing the escape room is akin to dressing a period play.


When an individual enters an escape room, they should feel transported to the central plot of the room. Again, the decor goes a long way in achieving this, but other elements — such as the method in which clues are dispensed — can also contribute. A good escape room will make the clues an organic part of the experience, with an eagle-eyed gamekeeper providing tailored hints without disrupting the game.


While low-tech brain teasers are of course a much-needed and loved aspect of any escape room, electronic gadgets and the like — can help keep the escape room experience unexpected. As any visitor to Tick Tock Escape Room knows, we have some very cool gadgets in our game — and they were all invented by us!

Tick Tock Escape Room


A good escape room doesn’t rely on high-tech gadgetry only, though. Some physical clue finding and good old-fashioned mental puzzles should also be thrown into the mix. This will help keep every individual playing the game — from the more athletically-inclined to the brain teaser junkies — engaged and active, which is the ultimate goal of any escape room.


The best escape rooms have a clear narrative that feels seamless from beginning to end. Once all is said and done and the door is open, the players should feel a sense that the clues were linked in some way. It’s very unsatisfying when a movie or television plot introduces elements that don’t feel organic in the plot — and it’s the same when an escape room jumps from clue to clue without building upon previous puzzles. The clues obviously shouldn’t be the same, as that takes away from the challenge, but they should work together in some way!



The point of any escape room is to work together with your friends, family, or coworkers, solve the clues, and get out! So if the escape room is entirely made up of puzzles or challenges individuals can complete alone, then it’s not a good escape room, plain and simple. Whether they are working together to solve a particularly complex brain teaser, follow a multi-step process, or achieve some physical feat, the escape room should have clues requiring 3+ people.


At Tick Tock, we are dedicated to providing the very best escape room experience in the Overland Park and Kansas City area. Come and experience all of the above elements of a great escape room at our facility! Our rooms are decorated with painstaking accuracy and our puzzles are a challenging mix that will engage every member of your team. Families, friends, sports teams, corporate teambuilding — our escape room is perfect for it all!

Join the fun — book your escape room experience now!

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