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An Innovative Way to Team Build

Team Building. We all know this is something that is essential to being successful within a team-oriented environment. Whether it’s a sports team, a business team, a restaurant staff, or anything else you can imagine, you need to be able to work as a team. There are those games and activities we all have done before to strengthen our ability to work as a team – the pretzel game where you try and untangle from each other, relay races, etc.

Escape rooms – a unique innovative way to team build. There are several different components that make it an excellent way to make your team stronger and collaborate well together.

  1. Communication.. there’s no doubt about it. When it comes to teamwork in order to be successful you have to be able to communicate with one another. Imagine a basketball team playing a game without knowing what offense they are in or if they are in a zone or man to man. How would they be successful? They couldn’t. With an escape room, you have to talk to one another to figure anything out. In order to find the next clue, you have to have conversations with the people in your group. The dots would be nearly impossible to connect all on your own.
  2. Distribution of tasks.. every team has a leader. Every team has followers. Every person on a team plays to their strengths. Where they might lack, another team member can pick up the slack, and vice versa. When experiencing an escape room this is essential to figuring out all of the clues. This will be done without even recognizing it. People will naturally take on certain roles.
Tock Tock Escape Room
  1. Work in a collaborative and effective manner.. When you are figuring out clues in an escape room, you have to be able to work efficiently and effectively in order to beat the clock. This along with distribution the tasks is the key to escaping.
  2. Reach your goals together.. there’s no better feeling than achieving the goals you have set out to accomplish. No matter what team you are a part of, you will have a goal you want to reach. When you figure out a clue, when you unlock that box, you will celebrate together and move on to the next goal that you are trying to achieve.
  1. Problem solving.. with each task comes with an obstacle you have to overcome. When you are in an escape room you are able to work with one another to solve the problem. One brain can’t do it alone, it takes a team to be able to reach the next level. In order to succeed, problems must be solved.   
Tick Tock Escape Room
  1. Positive competition.. It’s good to challenge each other to make one another better. When you’re playing a game it’s good to push each other. If you are beating someone they may push themselves to go a litter bit harder, making themselves better in the process. It is easy to be complacent when you are working by yourself, but if you have others around you surrounding you with competition that will motivate you to work a little bit harder. (Escape room connection: find your clue before someone else finds theirs, or when you are doing a dual-room race beating the clock before the other team does.)


So, while you’re out there searching the internet for ways to enhance your team working abilities, search for an escape room. You won’t be upset that you did..

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